Hi, and welcome to the site of Martin’s Web Development; I hope you find your time upon this site both helpful and informative.  The main goal of this site come along in numerous forms; thought the main one being to demonstrate me – ‘Martin Brown’ can create a Web Site using WordPress, and am currently in search of employment within the Web Design Industry.

As well as demonstrating my ability’s, the next page of the site the ‘About’ page looks into how I got where I did today, and all the things I have done in-between.  As I am sure that you are not yet aware, I am 46 years of age I have been around ‘not working’ but around computers all my life; this moving from the BBC Micro some time back, to my PC at present.  However, although I mention I have not worked with computers, during my time I have learnt a wide variety of things with regards to computing, support, programming etc.  All this I hope you will discover upon the next page.

In addition to the above, I have also added a ‘Blog / Forum’ that allows me to discuss a variety of subjects with relation to WordPress; furthermore, there are a variety of ‘Posts’ written with regards to the building of this site.  As well as me entering information, it also allows you the user to Log-In and enter posts yourself; answering or asking questions of your own.

Furthermore, though the above mentioned ‘Blog / Forum‘ section of this site is not a chat room; it does give you the ability to discuss a variety of topics with regards to ‘WordPress’.  Please feel free to ask any question you like, using the ‘Category’ option to section of eash question asked.

And finally, If you do not wish to leave a comment upon the Blog; you can always contact me using the ‘Contact’ form.  This will send a message direct to me, and I can hopefully get back to you with an hour or two.

As I mentioned above, the next page will take you on a brief walk through of the years I have spent with computing.  Furthermore, as you move through the site you may notice a variety of ‘Social Media’ links.

  These links will allow you to ever

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As well as these links, you will also find two links within the footer; this allowing you to ever leave a ‘Tweet’ upon my Twitter account.  Also you may move to the

Next to the Twitter link, you will find my ‘Facebook’ link.  With this you will be moved to ‘Martins Web Development’ Facebook page.  Here you can see all the latest information left by myself and people like you the User. You may also join the Facebook group, that will let you keep up with new and interesting information and other users that you may have met upon this site or Facebook itself.

Finally, it must be noted at this point; to leave Posts or Comments upon the site you must ‘Register’.  This will allow you to enter Posts of your own, and allow you to meet up with other users; even giving you the opportunity to send them private messages.

I will leave you now by saying, I hope you have fun upon the site and you find the information you are looking for.